Conference Documentation


Dear Reader

On behalf of the Vietnamese Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs
(MoLISA), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
(BMZ) and the joint Steering Committee, we are pleased to share this
summary report with you on the Regional TVET Conference held in Hanoi,
Vietnam, on 10/11 October 2012.
The conference was attended by about 300 participants from 14 countries, comprising
high-ranking decision-makers and TVET experts from Vietnam and the
ASEAN region, regional and international organisations, international donors
and their implementing agencies, as well as the business community and research
institutions. This reflects the importance and high level of interest that exists in
the overarching topic addressed by the Regional TVET Conference, namely how
to increase the quality and demand orientation of TVET to secure a “TVET
Quality Breakthrough”, and in particular with regard to ASEAN integration.
As the conference clearly showed, the selected topics of Occupational Standards,
Cooperation with the Business Community, TVET Teaching Staff and
Financing TVET addressed by the conference are all highly relevant with regard
to achieving a TVET Quality Breakthrough, not just as topics in their own right
but also as they are closely interlinked. It was a great pleasure to experience the
broad and in-depth exchange of ideas on the conference topics stimulated by
the keynote inputs and in the working sessions. We consider the outcomes of
the conference, e. g. the stimulation of enhanced networking, insights into the
various topics from different perspectives, the recommendations and initiative
of establishing an ASEAN TVET association, as very valuable for the TVET
reform process in Vietnam and other ASEAN countries. In view of the need to
continue working on core topics for achieving a TVET Quality Breakthrough
in the context of ASEAN integration, we would like to encourage all participants
to make use of the momentum generated by this conference by continuing
the dialogue and cooperation and by implementing suitable follow-up measures.
In this regard, we would like to support the proposal of considering follow-up
TVET conferences, for example. We also enjoyed the productive and pleasant
atmosphere which prevailed throughout the conference.
We would like to thank our distinguished speakers for sharing their highly valuable
insights as well as all the participants for their interest and active participation,
both of whom contributed significantly to making this event a success. Last
but not least, we would like to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation to the
Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Nguyen Thien Nhan, for
attending the TVET Conference as our guest of honour.
Hoping that you enjoy reading this summary report and remain

Yours sincerely

Nguyen Ngoc Phi
Vice Minister
Vietnamese Ministry of Labour -
Invalids and Social Affairs
(Conference Steering Committee Co-Chair)

Dr. Horst Sommer
Priority Area Coordinator TVET
Vietnamese – German Development
Cooperation in TVET
(Conference Steering Committee Co-Chair)



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